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Five Essential Props to Bring to Your Personal Brand Photo Shoot

I know you’re dreaming about your next personal brand photoshoot and wondering – how can I make my photos even better? Enter props that do the talking for you. Props can be used to make a point, add to your overall aesthetic, and speak to your whimsies! Check out our take on the five essential props you should bring to your next personal brand photoshoot.

1. Tools of your trade

What are your go-to items that encompass not only your personal brand but everything you’re planning to bring to the world? These are the items you work with every day. Are you a painter? Show off your paintbrushes, canvases, and smock! If you’re a writer, a laptop and a journal with your favorite pen are perfect additions! If you’re passionate about fitness, bring your fave weights, jump rope, or fitness diary. Maybe your work centers around a spiritual component – don’t forget your crystals, sound bowls, or your favorite self-development book to show off relatable anecdotes. Whatever your tools, your personal brand photographer can help you choose the poses that will work well with them.

2. Brand merchandise or something personalized

Have a dope t-shirt with your logo on it? Wear it! Business cards? Flaunt them! Maybe you have a custom-made mug decorated with your initials. Bring your fave drink and sip on it during your session! Personalized items and customized logos speak to how unique your personal brand is and allows you to stand out from the crowd. You want your customers and clients to just look at your personal brand photos and immediately know it’s your brand! This is known as brand recognition and it’s the key to consumer trust. So head to your shoot with items that boost your brand and give your followers another opportunity to see your customized work!

3. Your fave accessories and closet staples

Have a necklace from a special someone you never leave the house without wearing? Bring it to pose with! Maybe you have a signature pair of shoes that you feel super confident in? Show them off in your photos! Your personal brand photos are the most successful when you ooze confidence. This happens by being comfortable in your own skin and being happy with how you look. Take inventory of your signature style staples that you can’t leave the house without. Sure, it’s great to have a polished look for your photos, but it’s even better when you’re able to display your personalized style whether it’s sporty, glamorous, or comfy cozy!

4. Something with a sentimental story

If you have one, remember to bring an item with a story behind it! Have you recently gotten engaged? Let’s showcase your ring! Maybe you play guitar. Bring your first and most prized guitar to your session. Whatever the object is, so long as it has a special meaning to you it will be a great choice! Your audience will love to see that you’re relatable and can show your true self. This vulnerability will stand out when you choose something that has a great backstory that you can interweave in future posts, books, or your website!

5. Anything that enhances the background

Whether it’s string lights, your favorite plant, flowers, or even food – talk to your personal brand photographer about props that can be utilized to fill out the background of your photos! Maybe there’s a specific mood you’re going for such as bright and airy. You could choose sunflowers and position dazzling, bold landscape photos around the area. If you’re going for a moodier look, take advantage of warmer-colored furniture and props like an old record player or dramatic curtains.

Remember – this is your personal brand so it’s your personal shoot! Let your photographer know any props you’d like to bring and how they can help set the stage. (P.S. Choosing the right venue always helps!!)

What do you think about the four essential props that will revolutionize your brand photos!? Let us know if you have any ideas for the perfect prop you would bring to your photoshoot and check out our portfolio that will give you a great idea of how we’ve utilized props here at the Branding Babe!


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