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My name is Amanda Ghobadi.
I'm CEO, Lead Photographer & Chief Strategist at The Branding Babe.

But I'm also so much more than that. I’m a mom to two sweet fur babies (a cat & a dog), a yogi, an ever-learning art student, and a total tree-hugger. I'm a woman who lives to eat, and my go-to weeknight activity is ordering takeout from my favorite vegan restaurant while streaming the latest episode of Queer Eye on Netflix (Surprise: those boys really get branding!). Oh, and I’m saving up for my next tattoo. I love any kind of art as a form of self-expression, and that's just one of the many reasons why I do what I do.


I founded The Branding Babe after years of bouncing from one role to the next, feeling like no matter how I looked at it, the job market was always selling me short. The well-paying positions with benefits all seemed to be rigged in the favor of large, soulless corporations. And the positions where I felt I could actually make a difference in the world were either part-time, low paying (don't even get me started on internships!), or left no room for growth.

I was frustrated, and I wanted a solution. There had to be a lucrative way to make a living, all while working for a company that had strong values & a mission to make the planet a better place. And then it hit me: why not start my own business?

Women were launching successful startups, selling out online courses, and building 6-figure careers through social media all around me. And I knew I could do it too.


So I compiled my years of experience in the design industry – working for indie-brands and female CEO's – and began applying everything I had learned about personal branding to my own business. 


That's when things changed. My business began to take off! Women I had never met before wanted in on my brand strategy secrets. They were ready to get in front of camera, because they saw the potential for professional photos to amplify their personal brand presence. 

The best part was that these clients stuck around, and many of them have stayed with me for years. Because when you put in the soul-centric work it takes to produce powerful imagery, it transforms you. As your brand's reputation grows, it will create a domino effect. And as your confidence begins to sprout, so does my confidence in capturing you. This is the magic space where our creative relationship blossoms.


Together, with lots of nurturing and guidance, we will grow your personal brand into a beautiful empire; an empire where inspiring women rule, and all of your people get a VIP seat at the royal table.

Amanda Ghobadi



THE Branding Babe Origin STORY

Every brand has an origin story. Mine is one of evolution and rebirth (I'm talking a lot of trial & error here!). I started my creative career as a graphic designer, and worked on and off  as a freelancer in the industry for over six years.


During that time I earned my bachelor's degree, studied abroad in London as a publishing intern, managed a skincare boutique, backpacked across Europe, built my photography portfolio, fell in love with the man of my dreams, and met dozens of powerful women who changed my life along the way. 


I knew I was destined for more than a 9 - 5 sitting behind a desk. And I realized that although I was qualified to be a graphic designer, it wasn’t what my soul was calling me to do. I wanted to be a full-time photographer, and I wanted to use these experiences that shaped me to help other women tell their own unique stories. 


So I made a leap – I started The Branding Babe LLC and never looked back! Now I spend most of my time behind the camera, and implement my years of graphic design experience in my strategy & mentoring sessions to help other creatives build powerful personal brands. 

My mission: to help empowering women of all backgrounds translate their passion & purpose into images that connect & inspire.


My ultimate goal: to create a better world through beautiful images that encourage communities of women to reach their true potential.

So, why brand photography?

Personal brand photography allows you to tell your unique story through authentic, emotive, and consistent imagery. It helps you develop a deeper connection with your client base, sets you apart from the competition, and presents you as an intentional & professional business woman.


Personal brand photographs can be used diversely across the web, social media, email marketing, online education, print advertising, and more. Our goal together is to uplevel your brand across all platforms with fresh &  engaging images that target your ideal client base so you can position yourself as a top competitor in a saturated and ever-changing market.

How do you know if a personal brand portrait session is for you?


  • You’re overwhelmed trying to create consistent content for your clients and feel like you lack direction.

  • You want to take gorgeous images of yourself for your business, but can’t seem to capture the right angles, poses, and backdrops that highlight who you are.

  • You’re getting bored of using the same old headshots of yourself on your website & social media, and are looking to make a statement in your photos.

  • You’re so busy serving your clients each day that you don’t have time to set aside to even think about using photography to elevate your brand.

  • You’re frustrated, because you know you have a kick ass business yet can’t seem to translate that to your ideal audience.


Imagine what it would feel like to ditch the overwhelm & frustration and instead feel empowered & elevated by branded images that take your website, social media, and print marketing to the next level. 


This is exactly what personal brand photography can do for you! Step into the light as the empowering professional you know you are through images that deeply resonate with your client base and tell your unique brand story.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a branding photography session typically last?

At The Branding Babe, we offer sessions 30 minutes in length, 1 hour in length, and 3 hours in length. The longer the session, the larger the variety and quantity of content we will be able to create for your brand.

How far in advance should I book my photo session?

It is recommended to book & secure your session date at least 6 - 8 weeks in advance. This is to make sure there is room on our calendar for you, as well as to give us enough time to prepare & plan each detail of your session.

How many branding photography sessions should I book in one year?

Frequency of sessions depends on the amount of content you need captured as well as your photography budget. Seasonal (or quarterly) sessions are ideal for most businesses to keep producing fresh content all year long. The Branding Babe offers single sessions and monthly subscription sessions in addition to seasonal brand photography subscriptions.

How much can I expect to budget for brand photography?

This depends on both the length of your desired session, and the number of sessions you wish to book per year. At The Branding Babe, you can expect to budget anywhere from $250 - $2,000 per session. We offer subscription-based rewards, meaning the more you work with us, the lower the cost of each session is for you.

How many images can I expect to receive in my brand photography gallery?

Image galleries typically range anywhere from 15 images to 150+ images. The size of your final image gallery will depend on the session that you book as well as the variety of content you desire to capture. You can view our session options here to get a better idea of what your gallery size might be.

Can you create a custom preset for my brand?

Absolutely! Custom Brand Presets are available as an add-on purchase to any of The Branding Babe single sessions or photography subscriptions. After taking a “preset style” quiz, we will develop three different custom preset options for you to choose from to keep and use on all of your brand’s images.

Will my photos be professionally retouched?

Your photos will be edited in The Branding Babe’s signature style OR with your personal preset if you have purchased the custom brand preset add-on. Retouching (heavy blemish removal, skin smoothing, other body modifications) is included on a certain number of photos per session. If you would like more photos retouched than what is included in your session fee, you may request extra retouching at a rate of $25 per image.

Is there any strategy coaching included in my purchase of a branding photo session?

Yes! Email and text coaching is available during regular business hours (9am-5pm) leading up to your session date. You also receive (1) complementary phone or video strategy session to plan your session in more depth and pick our brains.

Should I get my hair and makeup done for my session?

We can’t tell you what to do, but we really do believe that having your hair & makeup done can give you a huge confidence boost for your session. It’s a great way to set a professional tone in your images and bring out your natural beauty. We have a list of amazing hair & makeup vendors that we trust and love who can offer you everything from more organic, bronzed looks, to over the top glam styles. Whatever is “on brand” for you!

I’m not great with my wardrobe. Do you help with styling prior to photo sessions?

We offer basic style advice and recommendations leading up to your session and can help you choose between different outfits or accessories you might have lined up. For a style overhaul or more serious personal styling/shopping needs, we have recommended vendors that can help you out (link)!

I need props for my session, but don’t know where to shop for them. Any suggestions?

At The Branding Babe, we have some basic office props and #bossbabe supplies in storage we can bring to you. But if you’re looking for specific props or decorations, we recommend shops like Target, Home Goods, World Market, or Bed Bath and Beyond to find what you’re looking for. If you’re searching for something custom or handmade, we recommend shopping on Etsy.

I’m having trouble finding a session location. Do you have any suggestions for me?

Yes! For free outdoor locations in the DMV area, check out our Pinterest Board here. If you are looking to rent a “mock” studio or work space to capture your photos, we have a few locations we recommend on PeerSpace here.

Do you also offer brand design or graphic design services?

We don’t. But we have an amazing design team as our partner that we highly recommend and rave about every chance we get! For all your brand’s design needs, please reach out to Becca & Jenna at Peanut Butter Creative.

Do you offer photography products like albums or wall art in addition to digital images?

Not on a regular basis. We occasionally offer special seasonal or holiday products that we will notify you about if you are signed up for The Branding Babe newsletter. If you want to order your own artwork of your images, we suggest using MPix for all your printing & artwork needs.

Have a question you don’t see listed?

Please feel free to email and you will get a response as soon as possible!

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Amanda Ghobadi

CEO, Brand Strategist & Photographer




Proudly serving the Washington, D.C. area and beyond.


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