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7 Myths About Personal Branding to Kick to the Curb for Good

It’s time to kick your negative beliefs about personal branding to the curb! There are a few misconceptions out there that may keep people from their true calling simply for not being informed about the true personal branding process. What a shame! You’ve got to know the truth. Here are some myths we hear time and time again that simply aren’t true.

1. MYTH: Personal branding is pretentious and elitist

THE TRUTH: When some people think of personal branding some go straight to: “I don’t need to build one, I’m not that into myself.” Newsflash – literally everyone talks about themselves online nowadays from opinions about the newest Netflix series to adorable pics of them with their dogs. Building a brand around yourself does not make you selfish, self-absorbed, attention-seeking, or pretentious. Personal branding simply makes you a more profitable entrepreneur in the long run.

2. MYTH: Personal branding is not relevant or important to my success

THE TRUTH: Your audience wants to know more about YOU and find out what makes you truly unique. Sure, your product or service is bomb, but without a fully fleshed-out human with a killer brand personality behind it, it’s going to be less interesting to your market. At the end of the day, building consumer trust is all about being able to show your audience your human side! Remember: humanity sells!

3. MYTH: Personal branding only works for you if you’re an extrovert

THE TRUTH: You may believe you always have to be online and ready to give it your all to your followers. Let me just say: so many introverts are making a killing with their personal brands online. Plan your content ahead and hire an assistant to help you with engagement if the social element is draining for you. But don’t sell yourself short just because you are an introvert. From one introvert to another, I know how much value you have and how much you have to say!

4. MYTH: Personal branding is just about being famous

THE TRUTH: Building a kick-ass personal brand is not about making yourself as famous as a Kardashian. Personal branding is about highlighting all of your unique skill sets in a beautifully packaged way so you can better connect to your audience and form more authentic relationships with your community. Fame has nothing to do with it. Although it’s not a terrible side effect… You may find that your influence online can lead to an incredible following and even allow you to scale your business!

5. MYTH: Personal branding is the same as your reputation

THE TRUTH: Your personal brand and rep are two different things. Look at it like this: your family and friends most likely view you differently than how you come across online in your personal brand. Now does that mean you shouldn’t worry about your actions ending up interweaving with your online persona? No way – focus on the actions you can take that will build up your personal brand. However, there will always be nuances between what you share privately with loved ones and what you choose to share with your audience.

6. MYTH: A personal brand will compete with your business’ brand

THE TRUTH: This is a common misconception – some people believe if they give their all to their personal brand, they won’t have anything left over for a well-developed business brand. However, if it’s done right, a personal brand will only bring even more brand recognition and customers to your business. You may even find that your business brand is even better when it’s built up by your personal brand. Don’t let this myth keep you from developing a personal brand that will complement your business!

7. MYTH: Personal branding is a frustrating and exhausting process

THE TRUTH: It can be so difficult to build a personal brand, but it absolutely doesn’t have to be! With the right support and a strong team by your side, personal branding can be a fun and entertaining exercise in self-understanding and personal development. Not to mention the great outcome you’ll receive if you stick to it!

Don’t let these seven myths hold you back from creating a powerful personal brand! Share this blog with a friend and save it for later to remind yourself that YOU and your personal brand are worth the extra effort!


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