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7 Things Nobody Tells You About Starting Your Own Business

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

1. Running a business is expensive

Maybe this is an obvious one, but if you're like me and didn't get a business degree, you may be surprised just how much investment you'll need to do to create your dream business. Everything costs money. From education to new equipment to licenses, insurance, software, and more, your business expenses may be daunting at first. Figure out how much you are spending and how much you need to make in order to actually profit from your services or sales. This will be essential for you to stay afloat and see the success you've been dreaming of.

2. You will have to wear many hats. ALL THE HATS.

Oh my god, so many hats! From social media coordinator, creative writer, SEO wizard, accountant, designer, and client scheduler, you will be doing every little task you may not be able to hire someone else to cover at first. It can be overwhelming at times, but ultimately you will build an abundance of new skills and have complete control of your brand. Stay organized and create a schedule for yourself so the multitude of tasks you have built up doesn't consume you.

3. You will make amazing friends on the same path as you.

As you begin networking, you will find many other individuals on a similar journey to yours. Whether in the same field as you, or something completely different, there are others your age with a vision they are trying to bring to life. Connect with these like-minded people and create a community where you can help one another grow and reach new heights. Cheer these fellow entrepreneurs on when they succeed, and comfort them when they are struggling. Be one another's support system. It will make a world of a difference.

4. You will make amazing friends who want to mentor you and help you grow.

I would never have been able to even start my photography business if I didn't have the amazing mentors and teachers that I do. These are people who pushed me to excel, even when I felt I couldn't. These are friends who gave me the advice I needed to get started when others would not even acknowledge me. Value their time, energy, and wisdom, and make it known to them how much you appreciate them.

5. You will always have something new to learn.

As your skill sets develop, you will realize how much more knowledge there still is to obtain. If you are truly passionate about what you do, you will constantly feel the need to grow and conquer new territory. From understanding new techniques to learning to operate new equipment, there will always be a new level to reach. Seize these opportunities and stay humble. There is always room to learn something new or see something from a fresh perspective.

6. You will fall and you will fail, but you will get back up even stronger.

There will be little failures, and there will be absolutely brutal ones. These are the events that teach you how to be a truly great business person. Learn from your failures, don't let them own you. We all make mistakes, sometimes really big ones. Do your best to understand what you did wrong and take that knowledge with you into the future. Everyone falls. It's those who have the strength to get back up and continue on who succeed.

7. You will make someone's life better, and it will make all your hardships worth it.

Receiving a long, heartwarming email from a happy client will make all your worries disappear. That huge smile on your client's faces when they see their wedding photos says it all. When you make someone's life better, all your troubles and fears will fade away. You will know that this is your true calling. This is what you are destined to do. Be grateful, Be proud. You've made it!


CEO, Lead Photographer & Chief Strategist

at The Branding Babe

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